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It’s been noticeable from local reports and Thames Valley Police that there has been an elevated number of break-ins and burglaries during February.

At this time of year, as the spring and summer seasons approach, there seems to be a penchant for stealing mowers, other garden implements and tools that might have a ready market for stolen goods of this sort.

Typically it is sheds and outbuildings that get broken into, so it is recommended that we ensure secure measures are taken to guard such possessions.

The Lantern – A Short Story

In English, we watched a short film called The Lantern which did not have any speech. It was about the friendship between a young boy and an angel. The boy, who starts the story idly fishing on an old stone bridge, has to rescue his “angel” who gets lost in a cornfield. We used the visual images to re-write the story, thinking about the language features and incorporating complex punctuation including semi colons, colons and dashes. When writing our story, we asked peers for advice and guidance. After multiple drafts, we typed up our final piece. We hope you enjoy them.

By Lois Bulla and Matilda Croucher

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More Parish Notes from John the Ticket

As I think you all by now have heard that Mick Hitchman recently passed away. He has been a good friend for all the years I have lived in the Parish. I like to think he helped me to dig out the pond my Jenny wanted in the garden. The truth of the matter was I helped him. The Bell is now a little bit empty. Miss you Mick.  Now confirmed funeral will be 8th March at 1330 in the WSL Church and afterwards at the Neville Hall where there will be a pay bar service. See you all there.ACBR

I have had a few comments why my bit was not in February’s edition. Hands up I was too late with my submission. Pleasant surprise that so many take the time to read my stuff.  So on to an old subject. A lady who lives in The Street WSL told me she had seen two lots of dog poo on the pedestrian side walk. I wish that this problem would cease, not nice and owners, if found should be prosecuted. End of moan.


Royal Wedding On Friday 12 October

Thames Valley Police is as ever proud to be policing the forthcoming Royal Wedding of Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie of York and Mr Jack Brooksbank on Friday 12 October. The day provides an opportunity for our communities to join in celebration while showcasing Windsor to the world once again.

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